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Little e-book about solution-focus

How can you make Solution-Focus as easy to understand as possible?

By using children stories!

I gave it a try, and now my little book of solution-focused-inspired children stories is available on Amazon as an e-book.

For educators, practitioners and change agents.

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Can focusing on progress undo the progress?

Professor Ayelet Fischback and Professor Ravi Dhar discovered one paradoxical effect of focusing on progress: “goal liberation“.

Here is how it works: happy with the progress made toward a long-term goal, the brain turns…


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Love 2.0 and the interactional view

In her latest book, Love 2.0, the renowned Positive Psychology author Barbara Fredricksonintroduced an interactional view of love.

According to the latest research she presents in her book, love is not so much a noun but rather a verb. It is something that emerges in micro-moments of interactions between…


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Mr Bear Wants to Be Loved and other SF-inspired stories, for children & their parents

My latest SF book, "Mr. Bear Wants to Be Loved: And Other Stories to Make Change Easier, for Children & their Parents" is now out and available for purchase on Amazon.

This book was born as a challenge: how to introduce Solution-Focus in terms so simple that even a

6-year-old would understand.

True to its objective, it…


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Is Solution-Focus becoming mainstream?

Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, March the 27th

I am very grateful to Peter Szabo for inviting me to co-facilitate the Executive Coaching Conference …


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When a trainee in SF coaching says he is worse off after the training... and why the trainer is happy to hear that



... So I felt great about our training.

I checked in daily, and I was comforted to see it was not just an impression of mine :)

On the final day, I was happy to see that on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 was meeting all their learning goals, beyond their wildest expectations, and 1 the opposite of that, they rated themselves to be 8.5 or more (some at 8.5, others at 10) on that scale.

I was…


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"You have a filter that..."


You have a filter that makes you see the good in people and so…

The sentence above was said in a simulated Coaching conversation that took place during our recent Solutionsurfers Brief Coach Training.

A student of mine, a seasoned Coach, made that comment as he…


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Clients are the Experts


Here is a short story that very well illustrates why I love Solution-Focus Coaching and its magic in bringing out clients’ expertise.

My Coaching Client is the Administration Manager for a small but fast-growing company, and we are having a Coaching session over Skype.

Topic of the session: he wants his co-workers to be “more motivated“.

I know that the concept of “motivation” is a tricky one.

Personally I am very…


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A High-Performing Factory via Solution-Focused Coaching: A Case Study

A High-Performing Factory via Solution-Focused Coaching: A Case Study

24 March 2011 in Books/Articles reviewMusings Write by Paolo Terni …


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Solution-focused vs. problem-focused coaching questions

This being the Holiday Season, I would like to share with you a great gift that Anthony M. Grant and Sean…


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“Visitor”, “Complainant”, “Customer” revisited by Phillip B. Ziegler – review

People are hard if not impossible to change. Relationships are almost as hard to change. Conversations, on the other hand, are relatively easy to change, especially if one is aware of the roles each participant is taking and is skillful at inviting changes in those roles” – Phillip B. Ziegler

In a short paper which appears in…


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Coaching Plain & Simple - a book review

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of “The Little Prince”, once wrote: Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.…


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My notes on SFBTA 2010

This year the SFBTA (Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association) conference was held in Banff, Alberta - in the heart of the …


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Solutionsurfers' PURE Brief-Coach Training now available in California

Dear all,
I am proud to announce that Solutionsurfers' PURE Brief-Coach Training is now available in San Francisco, California.…

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Review of the book "Your Brain at Work" where SF is mentioned

Your Brain at Work is a pop psych book.…


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Visualization, the "preferred future" & Solution-Focused practice

In Solution-Focused practice we ask clients to visualize their perfect future, usually by asking the “Miracle Question”. Research has demonstrated that visualization does not work to help people change. Doesn’t this result invalidate a very important tool of SF practitioners?

This is the question that we are going to answer in this post.
Read more here

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Solution - Focus practices as an open process

I strongly believe that the effectiveness of Solution-Focused practice is linked to its radical simplicity.

That is what makes Solution-Focused practices beautiful and elegant.

I also believe that what we are doing today is the seed of what we will be doing tomorrow.

In other… Continue

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Distinction: SF coaching vs. "being positive"

Inspired by the latest posting by Kirsten Dierolf,

I wrote something about SF vs. "being positive":

Solution-Focused coaching is not about “being positive”.

Solution-Focused is not about denying the reality of tough situations.

Solution-Focused coaching is about noticing what works - in a fact-finding manner.

It is about helping clients…

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Distinction: SF & Positive Psychology

New posting on my blog. Here is an excerpt:


IF therapy is about treatment and about helping people function in society (Using a sports metaphor, a therapist makes sure that an injured athlete recovers to compete again, via an effective rehab program)


IF coaching
is about helping people function well in society, if it is about living better and about performing better (Using a sports metaphor, a coach makes sure that the… Continue

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Jumpstart into Solution Focus

You want to learn more about "Solution Focus"?

You prefer a "step by step" introduction instead to start with reading some
voluminous books?

You would appreciate to have a complete "helicopter view" on SF after the first step…


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Making the most of

If you’ve just arrived at (the SOLWorld ning group), you may be looking at all the features and wondering where to start.  This note might be helpful…



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Open Space at SOLworld conferences

SOLworld Open Space instructions as it was used at the 2011 conference, by Mark McKergow


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SOLWorld Resources

Welcome to the SOLWorld Resources section.  This part of the site features information about the SOLWorld network, our past events and materials from our previous website.  It will take some time to update all the information, so thanks for your patience. 

Information in this part of the site is 'read-only'.  If you want to start discussions, please go to the Forum or Groups. …


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