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I am looking for some help finding exercises to stimulate creativity. The context is a “cafe style” event and I need some exercises that we can put on the tables with instructions for people to try on their own or in small groups, self paced. The majority of the things I currently use need facilitating. I am looking for short activities that will stimulate an individual’s creativity and demonstrate that to them that everyone has a touch of creativity in them. I would be very grateful if anyone has any exercises that they have used, or seen used, that would be prepared to share please.

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Hi Ruth

Some exercises you may find in: 57 SF Activities for Facilitators and Consultants: Putting Solution...

Good luck, Hans-Peter
oh.... there are so many for creativity .... including my contribution to that book ;-)

So, the best way is, to check the book...

And here is an other link - but with German documents....
Hi Ruth
I don't know what the participants has for task(s) but here is a simple and fun idea that might fit in:

I don't know the English word for it but I've once tried a role-"tombola" where you have a set of "cards" (maybe A5 papers) with 1 rolename on each one ie. busdriver, mom, president, teacher, captain, dishwasher, soldier, diver, student, philosopher, superhero, teddybear (SF consultant?) etc.
Picking a card at the table - you have to think like that person (how you imagine that kind of person would think).
They can answer individual and in the group. Cards can be mixed after each round.

As preperation you need a set of role-cards for each table preferable 10-20. If you say it's cafe style (world cafe style?) I imagine there will be no more that 5-6 people around the table. 15 would be enough = 3 rounds with 5 people.


Hi Jesper,

Thank you for this idea it is very good and I can think of lots of uses and adaptations. The session is tonight, so I have done most of my perpartion and it is a cafe Church thinking about creativity and how there is a touch of the creator in all of us. One of my activities is round table story telling. This could be done in the style of a particular person given on a card. There will be about 50 people I think but in small groups as you suggested.

Warm regards

Dear Ruth, your question leaves open a lot in my phantasy - so a small suggestion in that opennes: place on the table things which allow a use in several ways (origami paper, strings for (fadenspiel in german, how do you say in English this ancienne and in different cultures existent game played with endless cordel), the small things we have on the SOL Conference tables since Bristol (maybe Jenny invented that habit?) -- this is an open way to stimulate people to use things and use them a different and again in an another way. if you do so, you don't lead them too much but allow creativity.
Is this the direction you look for?
Or do you intend to be more SURE about emerging creativity?
have a good day, K
Hi Katalin,

Thank you so much for your thoughts. The session is tonight and I have been getting things ready for a couple of days. It is nice to have someone confirm that you have been thinking about it in the right way. I found some really good origami templates yesterday on the web and have included them. I do use the toys like Mark and Jenny (Mark introduced me to them about 15 years ago when I first went on training with him). I am lining the tables with paper so people can draw on them and also putting pipe cleaners and modelling clay on the tables. I have put together some little warm up self paced exercise and am now quite excited to see how it goes.

Warm regards

wow, i love the coincidence ;) that you guessed some of your ideas.
Do you feel like telling us how yor event went? I like the toppic and task of it very much.
((of cource i meant I guessed some of YOUR ideas... but who knows... ;) ))
The event went really well on Friday evening. I would like to thank everyone who gave me ideas and showed an interest in it.

We had about 35 people. It is an open coffee shop so you never know how many will turn up. We covered the tables with paper, laid them with the toys, pipe cleaners, modelling clay and colourful pens and crayons. We had jazz music playing and a rolling slide show of amazing photos that we have collected of nature and people making things. I put out sheets with exercises for people to try, origami, story telling - in the round or individual, cartooning, modelling and some word games. (Both Mark McKergow and John Brooker gave me great ideas for these) I also used a scaling board idea which I got from Peter Szabo’s training a couple of years ago to get people to define and capture how creative they felt they were.
We kept the inputs very brief – bite sized info, views and personal experiences of creativity from a few people. Our premise and belief is that we all have a touch of the creator in us and we were really pleased that the participants really engaged with that.

Thanks again






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