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Hi there,

Last summer I participate this wonderful SF retreat to learn more about SF. Next week I will fly to the states and tell about my SF experiences on my next retreat....this time it is a retreat för healthcare coaches who are" fostered" problembased. I am invited to share the SF ideas. We have been talking in Fontana about this and got wonderful helpful feedback from Alan, Janine, Paul, George, Jesper, Kati, Björn and Dora.....It was a fantastic reflecting team in the hot tub. But now the day is coming nearby....I know I can do this thanks to all your support but I wonder what would you do as an SF coach with 110 high educated problemsolving based coaches......

Still Curious about SF....

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Thank you Hans-Peter for a easy to understand example of the difference between problem solving and solution building. I also enjoyed reading the wikipedia link and at the same time it was challengng to try and understand the four (or five) dimensions. If you ever will do a prentation or workshop of this I'll attend if possible. In Hungary? Best wishes Sussan Öster, Sweden.
Thank you for sharing this Nicoline! I just admired your ppt and got a feel of your workshop. How brave you are and how very clever to respect them, let them experience and discover a new option. It's so essentially SF to do it that way. Good to hear from you too! congratulations and BIG hug
Dank je wel Lise lott!!! I felt you were all in the room with me!
Hello Nicoline and thank you for sharing your great success!! seemed to make a difference over there! we will get a copy of that one, for sure!


Björn & Eva
Ha Björn, do not forget, we did it Tx to you and all your coaching. The journals are still overthere and were very attractive!!!!The warm upp with hands upp to wake upp left and right brain received also really well. They liked that and I used that one aswell with high academics. It is an exercise that made impression by explaining the reason.You know academics wants to have an explanation. That
was the only explanation they got, the rest was experimental learning.see you soon cheers nicoline
Wow, I like this choice of you :) (give one explanation: to the warm up!)
Hi Nicoline, great job; I admired your determination to obtain the best workshop ever in front of your audience and ... you did it!!! Congratulations!

big hugs
Thank you George, Hennie, Kati and all of you I start to Flush and not because of my age.......
Dear Nicoline, congratulations to the success of your workshop!!! I am very impressed about your work and your ppt, thank you very much for sharing this with us! It shows once again - it works! Your ppt is very interessting for me, because I might organize a workshop for 35 teachers who want to get to know how to work in a SF way! How long was your workshop? You told that there were afterwards some discussions, how much time did this thake? How did you organizes this? Bug hug, Manuela
Hi Manuela,

Nice to hear from you!!Great that you will meet 35 teachers. I think it is a very important group to learn about SF. Learning will be so much more fun with a solutionbased approach.
My workshop was the first time an hour. There was enough time for exercises and some discussions. After 2 off this sessions I was invited to speak on a breakfast meeting and there I did quite similair but quicker just för 30 minutes. There they talked in pairs and not in groups of three.
How much time do you get? I learned from all the others coaches I spoke with before I got started: Give them an experience, not so much about teories just Hands on ( I think Peter Szabo told me this) I know the people in healthcare and I know they are fostered the other way round..... analysing the problem and put a diagnose. I think you will meet people who more easily understand SF because it is an pedagogic smart and very attractive way. You will do fine. Tell me more as you go on, wonderful that you get this opportunity!Big hug Nicoline
Dear Nicoline, I might have 1 day in spring and 1/2 day in automn. Thank you for your suggestion to let them have an experience how it works. I think it might be a good idea to tell them in a first part what the SF way of working is like and then let them try in a workshop on an topic which they are worring at the moment. I will tell you how it is getting on! Have a good time, bug hug Manuela





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