Sharing and building Solution Focused practice in organisations

How will you contribute to discovering treasures at the conference?

Dear Solutions Focused Friend


Suppose you leave Balatonfüred on the 21st May 2011 with that satisfying feeling of being nourished, of having shared TREAUSRES and participated in something
unique and cutting edge. What was your contribution to this wonderful feeling?
Was it just your presence? Was it your participation in discussions and
conversations? Your song in the cabaret, a workshop you delivered, an
experience you shared, a question you asked?

To get a glimpse of this feeling we encourage you to think of your contribution right now. It can be anything: a workshop of 30, 45 minutes or longer, a presentation of one of your cases, some small or big discovery you
want to share, a game to be played in the plenary, a discussion, an experiment
– literally anything. To have something to start with we include a list of things which members of our community would like to learn and/or experience. Have a look in the first answer to this posting.


Oh, great! Ideas are already popping up in your head. Please, let us know before the 1st December:


-          the points on the wish list your contribution is referring to

-          the kind of contribution (workshops, plenary, other activity …)*

-          the title of your contribution*

-          some sentences describing what will happen*

-          the level of interaction on a scale from 1-10, with one being your monologue …

-          the duration

-          your benefit of your contribution

-          participants’ benefit of your contribution

*required information


Certainly you are free to add any further information, as for example number of presenters, space required, technical requirements, description of the process,
kind of support you’ll need from the organizing team.  

Please email this information to before December1st. As soon as we will have decided about your offer we’ll come back to you for further information.

Thank you in advance for making the 10th SOLworld Annual Conference a valuable treasure hunt for yourself and your colleagues.


Best regards,

The Hungarian organizing team

here you find a document where you can fill in your contribution: contribution_offer.doc
here you can download the whole Call for Contribution document: Call-for-Contributions.pdf

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Learning Wishes
List of possibilities

People are looking forward to a friendly, joyful, and warm atmosphere, to meeting old and new friends, to learning and having fun. And they demand workshops of high quality which enable them to learn and to think. Here are some contents which the SOL community is looking for:

In General
1. Creating benefits for people in Hungary
2. Workshops with lots of thinking and less knowing
3. Post-reflection-panel after a topic which is interesting but hard to understand
4. Fairly practical sessions
5. Exploratory sessions (e.g. the Wittgenstein one in Bucharest)
6. Arranging for learning-from-learning
7. Plenary sessions involving the audience

Case Studies and Experience
8. Live coaching with people „from the street“ and reflecting teams to give feedback to the coach
9. Live supervision on cases which participants bring (not live coaching) by reflecting teams with experienced SF practitioners
10. Reporting back from previous SOLs what people tried out and what worked, maybe what they developed further.
11. Case studies:
What have people done?
How did they put SF into practice in organisations or as a consultant?
How do they work with teams (formats, activities, and favorite ways of working)?
12. Workshop for books:
Authors who present their books
What should my coaching library contain?
13. Sharing corner: learning from other experiences how to do better, what to avoid while contracting clients
14. Exchange ideas about „best practices“ in coaching (e.g. experiences with the „miracle question“)

Exploring treasures, exploring SF
15. Using more treasures from the SF community – e.g. Question-Answer session (Notice board around a topic/issue, emerging open space - on its head)
16. Discover the treasures we have and will use as a community (not only personal treasures)
17. In depth look at some of our tools (what do they do, when were they discovered, how were they discovered, how to use)
18. Discovering and exploring treasures in direct and indirect ways: positive feedback, „Tell me something I don’t know“, accumulating diversity of treasures (resources, strengths, traits, skills, ways of being, etc.)
19. Difficult conversations a boss sometimes has to have (further ideas and sharing good examples)
20. If we are talking about treasure in organisations, there could be a rich discussion about how to uncover talent and potential in an organization using SF techniques. This is likely to be important in many countries as resources are cut back and people are asked to do more with less in a difficult environment.

SF – History and Future
21. Experiencing known treasures in new/other fields/domains
22. Asking beginners: What attracts you to the SF paradigm?
23. Where have we come from, where are we now, where we would like to go: the 10 year history of the SF community

SF and Neighboring Fields
24. More about SF-Constellation work and how to do so in existing teams
25. Energy work like constellations combined with SF
26. New info about our brain(s) regarding SF work
27. How SF melds and blends with other models and ways of doing things
28. The appreciative exchange und exploration of “SF & its neighbors”, e.g. other consulting approaches that may contrast, complement and enhance the qualities of SF in organizational contexts. ( “SF & metaphor”, “SF & constellation work”, “SF & Theory of constraints”)
29. Experiment more combination of coaching and bodywork, coaching and nature
30. New areas of working with SF, small other exercises

Fun and Play
31. Fun, playful activities, games
32. Nice and big party. SOL cabaret
33. Exercises outside the training rooms. Like the game played in Interlaken: Writing on the door of every participants
34. Invitations to playfulness, delivered with practical instructions and tools
35. How to use games in trainings (mostly leadership and sales trainings)

Body and Senses
36. Any activities including singing, dancing, motion
37. Any activities having to do with music, colors, and non-verbal approaches like improvisation theatre, sculptures with people of plasticine, or something like the body percussion and vocal plenary
Hello Kati and the Hungarian organizing team,

I am hoping to introduce an "SF inside" organization from Japan and its success through utilizing SF in their own unique way. The company is called ZACROS (

As far as I know, they are the only organization in the world who declared "We are an 'SF inside' organization." I did some SF training for them, but they basically created their own way of utilizing SF in locally organic way. Their annual profit in 2009 was the highest in their 95 years history. And the top management says one of the three main factors that contributed to the high profit was the improved efficiency in production team created through applying SF in their workplaces. Their team have already presented their success at J-SOL2 and J-SOL3.
They really have found treasures in their own workforces! So what they have to say perfectly matches the theme of SOL2011. Peter Szabo attended their presentation at J-SOL2 and he kindly left a great compliment for them. So if you wonder what it's all about, he could be one of the source of information for you.

In my opinion this is worth presenting at one of the plenary sessions. I am willing to help the translation process if they are coming. I hope you consider giving them a place to be presented.

Yasuteru Aoki
What an excellent case to learn from, dear Aoki. Thank you for proposing. Where exactly in the program we'll suggest its place we only will know after Dec. 16th.
We are very much looking forward to learn from you, dear friends!





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