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Implicit SF: "The 4L’s: A Retrospective Technique"

Maybe you remember that in the past I referred in some if my SOL-blogs to methods and techniques outside the "SF Community" which have strong similarities with SF without labeling themselves as "SF".

Here is one more of such a piece:

The 4L’s: A Retrospective Technique

The L's are standing for:

  • We liked it when a good thing took on a life of its…

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One more "implicit SF": Using Innovation Games as Retrospective Activities

Just now I found this blog. It is one more proof, that a lot of "SF" is done without naming it "SF" or even be aware that it is "SF-like".

I don't worry about this ... it works and persons are happy with it ....

Here is the blog:

Of course, the first step ("speed boat")… Continue

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Finding The Next Steps Towards The Future: How 25 persons started to develop their organisation in half a day.

At the same time when SOL 2010 happened in Bucharest I supported a workshop in Austria - which was one of the reasons why I couldn't attend SOL 2010 (which I regret - especially after having read all those appreciating comments about…


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Using What Works: Combining Solution Focus and Agile in work and personal life

Colinda de Beer recently posted in the SOLUTION-List:

In my job as a software development manager I try to combine Agile and SF wherever I can. I recently started a blog to share what works for me in combining SF and Agile.

You can find it at :…

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for German listeners: "Neue Wege des Lehrens und Lernens" (New ways of teaching and learning)

This lecture is (IMHO) a diamond:

Prof. Dr.Rolf Arnold (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachbereich Sozialwissenschaften, Fachgebiet Pädagogik) presents a very inspiring speech about systemic-constructivistic learning with a lot of synergies with SF:

Erwachsene lernen zwar in…

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"Positive Thinking" as a silver bullet?

Today I found this (German) article in a newspaper:

«Ich konnte doch nicht so tun, als würde ich mich über meinen

Brustkrebs freuen»

written by Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of a couple of books, the

last one:

"Bright-sided: How the…

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Retrospectives as Perspectives

(although the visual pun works better in German).

At last Wednesday's Scrum Breakfast in Zürich, I presented an approach to conducting Retrospectives based on the

Solutions Focus Method (which Alistair Cockburn translated in to the

Delta Method). The idea is that a retrospective is like prospecting for

gold: Building on your…

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The Complex Manifesto

Just now I found this:

The Complex Manifesto for Software Development

which - IMHO - is not useful for SW-Development only but for all kinds of work and projects.

The messages are quite near to SF:

Each Problem Has Multiple… Continue

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SF conqueres Software Development

At the XP Day Benelux, which is an international conference about agile software development, intended for software development and business people from all walks of life, Pierluigi Pugliese offered a well-received workshop "Solution Focused Agile Coaching"

Here is his ==>… Continue

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Lean Development - Synergetic with SF?

In the last months I recognized an increasing popularity of "Lean Development" especially in the area of software development. A closer look will show, that "Agile Development" (which is discussed in SOLWorld since a longer time, see ) is very overlapping with "Lean Development", which has a better… Continue

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"decentering" from problem by using different forms of expressive art

I am just reading this new book:

Lösungskunst: Lehrbuch der kunst- und ressourcenorientierten Arbeit

von Herbert Eberhart (Autor), Paolo J. Knill (Autor)

# Verlag: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (17. Juni 2009)

# Sprache: Deutsch

# ISBN-10: 3525401590

# ISBN-13: 978-3525401590…


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Individuals and interactions over processes and tools!

One of the SIMPLE principles of SF says:

Inbetween - the action is in the interaction

and an other says:

Every case is different - beware ill-fitting theory

and in the "Agile Manifesto" two of the four values are:

Responding to change over following a plan

Individuals and interactions over processes and…

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Could or should SF be scientifically researched?

In the book "More than Miracles" Steve deShazer wrote in one of his chapters, called "don't think, but observe" on page 109 something that could be understood in a way, the solution focused approach couldn't or shouldn't be scientifically researched.

More about this you can read in a discussion running just now in the SOLUTIONS-List here:…


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How to manage OPPORTUNITIES using Risk Management

Working as a project manager (or as a coach for project managers) I always feel very uncomfortable how risk management is done:

Finding out how big the uncertainness of results, quality and costs is, digging for all factors which could harm the project, looking in depth for all sorts of impediments and calculating their probability multiplicated by their impact in € or $ ...

Then defining and planning actions to avoid, reduce or transfer those risks ...

And then, during the… Continue

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Edgar Schein: "SF as a simpicistic reduction of complexity"

Just now I received an announcement for a workshop given by Prof. Edgar Schein ( with the title: "Leadership and Transformation - Leadership in tough times", see

There I can read:

"Sie (= Coaches) setzen Beratung nicht als verkürzte «Quick… Continue

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"implicit" SF found in a "Software development box"

Just now I found a nice piece here:

It is called: "Project Retrospectives: A kinder, gentler, more productive way to learn from past mistakes"

And it contains this part:

The “Mining for Gold” Exercise:

* What worked well that we don’t want to forget

This list is for those things that most agree worked well… Continue

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Some important convergences towards Simplicity and Agility in Management

Some days ago I pointed in the Solutions-List to this video:

showing Mike Cohn reflecting upon the transitioning process towards an agile organization and how to deal with the complexity of such processes.

And today I become informed about very recent news about an upcoming "deal" between the "Project Management Institute" (PMI… Continue

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SF Self Evaluation for Blended Learning

In Nov. '08 I was invited as a keynote-speaker at the "moodle konferenz 2008" in Zug, Switzerland for the topic: "Solution Focused Evaluations for Learning Processes". You may find the handout (in German) ==> HERE

"moodle", by the way, is one of the most popular environments for "blended learning" used in 204 countries by 1,860,009… Continue

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IT WORKED: "Teambuilding" for agile Teams

Today I held the "breakfast-workshop" in Zürich about Teambuilding for agile Teams: About the courage, NOT do understand Team Dynamics, as I announced it in this ==> blog (pls follow the link to see a bit more about it)

The workshop, organised by the Swiss-ICT working group "Lean, Agile & Scrum" was sold out: About 25 persons attended physically, about… Continue

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"Teambuilding" for agile Teams: About the courage, NOT do understand Team Dynamics.

"Agile" Project Management is one of the recent buzzwords. And it has a lot in common with SF (see Solution Focused Agility in Projects and Management)

One of the four "values" of agility is:

"Individuals and interactions over processes and tools"

Indeed: working together in a project as a self-competent and self-organized team… Continue

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Jumpstart into Solution Focus

You want to learn more about "Solution Focus"?

You prefer a "step by step" introduction instead to start with reading some
voluminous books?

You would appreciate to have a complete "helicopter view" on SF after the first step…


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Making the most of

If you’ve just arrived at (the SOLWorld ning group), you may be looking at all the features and wondering where to start.  This note might be helpful…



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Open Space at SOLworld conferences

SOLworld Open Space instructions as it was used at the 2011 conference, by Mark McKergow


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