Sharing and building Solution Focused practice in organisations

SOL 2005 International Conference - LIVE AND IN COLOUR
in Interlaken, Switzerland
Sharing and Building Solution Focused Practice in Organisations

  • Main Conference, May 20-22, 2005, with 150 practitioners from all over the world
  • Pre-conference workshop with Ben Furman May 18-19, 2005, Reteaming and Twin Star
  • Post-conference workshop with Insoo Kim Berg May 23-24, 2005, Coaching for Solutions
Once a year, people around the world interested in sharing and building the growing movement of solution focused practice in organisations convene to share new ideas and replenish their sense of community. The 2005 conference will take place in Interlaken, Switzerland in May and it's going to be LIVE AND IN COLOUR.

Who will be there?

SOL 2005 - the 4th international conference - will host 150 practitioners from 20 countries involved in Solution Focused thinking and practice at work, and in organisations.

Leaders, managers, HR professionals, consultants, coaches and trainers will come together for this exceptional opportunity to develop skills, to expand thinking, and to share experiences.

Among participants you will meet authors like Insoo Kim Berg, Ben Furman, Mark McKergow, and Paul Z. Jackson, Wolfgang Eberling, Louis Cauffman, Kerstin Mahlberg, Carin Mussman, Daniel Meier, and Peter Szabo.

Why be there?

You will find a rich variety of practical ideas and examples of innovative work and the opportunity to build your network - all LIVE AND IN COLOUR. New applications of the Solutions Focused approach are always being developed - probably right before your eyes here!

What will happen?

The SOL experience is characterised by an informal and creative atmosphere, and high quality sessions like:

  • a LIVE demonstration track pairing up real issues of actual live clients with experienced practitioners demonstrating their style, practice, and tools illustrating effective solution-building with individuals, teams and organisations.
  • a cutting edge plenary on conflict reSolution in organisations.
  • workshop topics in all shades of COLOUR from performance enhancement to the solution focused use of facts and figures, from health and safety issues to management training.

Conference details:

The main conference starts at 9.30 am on Friday May 20th and ends at 12.30 pm on Sunday May 22nd 2005. The official conference language is English. A few workshops will be held in German.

The conference venue, Hotel Beau Rivage in Interlaken, is booked exclusively for conference participants during the entire event.


Main Conference











"Reteaming" and "Twin Star"

Solution in Organisation Linkup

"Coaching for Solutions"


Ben Furman (SF)

Different SF professionals

Insoo Kim Berg (USA)


Hotel Beau Rivage, Interlaken (Switzerland)

Costs ( more information )

CHF 850.- / Euros 560.-

Including accommodation (in single rooms) and full meal package
(Friday - Sunday)

CHF 850.- / Euros 560.-


English with German translation


English with German translation

*The language is generally easily understandable English, and about 30% of participants will share German as second language.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask: / Tel +41 (0)43 243 92 06

The SOL 2005 event will build on the successes of SOL 2002, 2003 and 2004 by keeping the positive and sharing atmosphere, the international line-up, the mixture of plenary and workshop sessions, and the conference dinner.
Participants' comments on the previous SOL conferences include:
"Friendly, warm collegial atmosphere."
"The structure gave space and time for networking."
"The presenters chosen were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and excellent in every sense."
"The organisers had a high level of personal engagement - from warm welcome to lots of humour."
"Very well organised down to the smallest detail."
"Established a very positive start - friendly, relaxed yet energised (great learning environment)."
"The design allowed for personal choice and most of the workshops were of high caliber."

To be informed of further details, send in your email address via the box at the bottom of this page, and we'll send you information as they become available.

SolutionSurfers - The Swiss organisers of SOL 2005 - are looking forward to seeing you LIVE AND IN COLOUR in Interlaken! We don't want to miss you!



SOL 2005 Programme (as at April 25th)

Plenary Sessions
  • Solution focus as a tool for learning and development

    With Peter Röhrig (Germany) and Mark McKergow (UK)

    Solutions Focus is usually used as a tool for change. But how can it be used in the corporate training room as a part of learning processes?
    Peter Röhrig and Mark McKergow will show how SF ideas can help in the search for competence - both conscious and unconscious - and share some practical ways in which finding competence (as opposed to incompetence) is the best way to begin learning! The session will feature practical exercises to help everybody prepare to make the most of their learning at SOL 2005.
    (Friday 10:00-11:00)

  • Conflict reSolution in Organisations

    With Ben Furman (Finland), Anton Stellamans (Belgium), Kirsten Dierolf (Germany), Daniel Meier (Switzerland), Barry Windbolt (UK)

    How can we understand and use solution focus as a method for conflict reSolution?

    In this plenary, you will witness the first results of the international "think tank" of speakers / facilitators mentioned above. Share the practical and theoretical knowledge of the speakers and take part in lively exercises that will make you think on the cutting edge of solution focused conflict management. Take away practical tools that will be able to use right away.
    (Saturday 09:00-11:00)

  • Practicing Excellence - transfer live-learning into life

    With Kati Hankovszky (Switzerland) and Alan Kay (Canada)

    This plenary will help you to capture and transfer the learnings of the three days into your everyday life. We'll pack our rucksack for the time following the conference and think about how the experiences can positively impact the brand "ME".
    (Sunday 09:00-10:15)


Friday 11:30-12.45:

with Kerstin Måhlberg, Agneta Castenberg, Ulf Mårdberg and Anders Claesson, Sweden

This workshop focuses on how we developed and organized our leadership in a solution-focused way at FKC Mellansjoe, a company with about 25 employees. One of our key themes has been "Leading from behind." We hope that the participants will get some concrete and specific ideas about the great benefits that lie within the concept of solution-focused leadership by sharing our experiences. The workshop will contain exercises and dialogues with the participants.

Agneta Castenberg is one of the founders and part of the management group at FKC. Since 1987, Agneta has been working developing and spreading the SF model. She spends her time working with leadership, doing therapy, consultancy, and training in the SF model.
Kerstin Mahlberg is a teacher, special educationalist with a head teacher's degree. She works as a consultant and does a lot of training in leadership-development combining with her work at FKC Mellansjoe School. Her book "Solution-Focused Education" was translated into English 2004.
Anders Claesson is one of the founders and Managing Director of FKC AB. Former president of EBTA. Trained family therapist, and has been working with training, coaching etc. He is interested in the wide management development of SFT.
Ulf Mardberg is a therapist, trainer and consultant. He is part of the FKC management group with a special interest and responsibility for the company's treatment section.

with John Henden, UK

Abstract: How can a company decimated by mass redundancy pick itself up and carry on? When there are so many financial, interpersonal and emotional problems, how can solution talk find a way in? Is the solution focused approach merely a "sticking plaster" strategy or is it long lasting? John Henden uses a team remotivation process to show one example of the power of SF in organisations.
He demonstrates the application of the more familiar SF tools & techniques, i.e. highlighting strengths and resources, small steps and scaling; and then shows how more novel ones such as 'leap-frogging' and 'time-quake' can be useful.

Biography: John is a director of John Henden Consultancy LTD.; A solution focused training & coaching organisation. He enjoys the variety in working across a range of industries and organisations, providing various training and consultancy services. John is a member of Bristol Solution Group and also a member of SOL's International Steering Committee.

with Barbara Möller and Peter Röhrig, Germany

Abstract: We are going to work live with a group of people who want to find a better personal energy balance. So, come on everyone who is tired and burnt out - we will power up your body and soul. Within 75 minutes you will feel 10 years younger.

Barbara Möller: Born 1957, non-medical practitioner, trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, kinesiology and SF consulting, private practice in Troisdorf (Germany). I love swimming, good cooking and playing saxophone.
Dr. Peter Röhrig: Born 1948, SF consultant, trainer and coach in Cologne / Bonn (Germany). Formal education as economist and social scientist. Leadership experience in business and family. Passion for SF training. I love singing and watching emotional movies.

with Jenny Clarke, UK

Abstract: This will tell the story of how one of the UK's largest banks was introduced to the SF approach via a project to improve their performance enhancement systems. Participants will hear about the project and experience some of the training exercises used.

Biography: Following a long career in the energy industry, Jenny is now an independent SF coach and consultant, working with large organisations adapting to change. She was a key member of the organising committee for the first two SOL international conferences.

with Andrea Graf and Susan Zecha, Austria

Abstract: In many organisations the conventional Appraisal Interview shares the fate of a Sleeping Beauty awaken the potential of this management tool we have advanced it very consistently in a Solution-Focused way and have implemented it in various organisations. We will present the specific Solution-Focused developments regarding the questionnaire, the agreed performance objectives, the use of scales and furthermore a training design to qualify the users in SF communication.

Andrea Graf works as a management consultant, trainer, facilitator, and coach. Her work focuses on the further development of conventional management tools such as the Appraisal Interview and 360 Degrees Feedback. She is a specialist for large group interventions (Open Space, Future Search, RTSC, Whole Scale Interventions).
Susan Zecha works as a SF coach, trainer, and management consultant. She has vast experience in the fields pharmaceutical industries and textile manufacturing. She has been deepening her understanding of the Solution-Focused Approach and its application to all aspects of her work/life since 2002.

Friday 14:30-16.30:

with Michael Goran, Canada

Abstract: An introduction to the applications for Solution Focused conversations. This lively and engaging workshop will help you integrate 'The Dreaded Roleplay' in your toolkit by providing Guidelines for constructing Successful Roleplay experiences, including: Roleplay Design Tips, Feedback design tips, how to use SF to quickly outline goals for participants, the profoundly positive effects of SF used in feedback and debriefing.

Biography: Chief Creative Coach and SOL Steering committee member Michael Goran has over 20 years experience as an improviser. Combining improvisation and SF techniques, Mikes help organizations become 'Future Flexible' in areas of creative problem solving, thinking on their feet and leadership and fellowship. His unique hybrid background allows for an entertaining presentation style that seamlessly blends theory and practice. He has taught improvisation for corporations, organizations including The Second City Training Centre in Toronto. Mike currently instructs at Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.

with Paul Z Jackson, Janine Waldman and Shaun Lincoln, UK

Abstract: Meet OSKAR - we present and you get to experience the solutions focus coaching model. And learn The Solutions Focus partnered with CEL to help more than 100 leaders and managers in further education to use the approach to revitalise their colleges. Research findings, stories and activities.

Consultant and training designer, Paul Z Jackson is co-author of The Solutions Focus - the SIMPLE way to positive change. The Solutions Focus devised and developed the OSKAR model.
Executive coach and trainer of coaches, Janine Waldman co-designed and delivered the Leaders as Coaches programme and coaches several of the managers involved.
Director of coaching and mentoring at Lancaster University Centre of Excellence in Leadership, Shaun Lincoln marketed, co-designed and delivered the Leaders as Coaches programme.

with Andreas Bürki and Felix Hirschburger, Switzerland

Abstract: Der Führungsdialog ist ein lösungsorientiertes Gespräch zwischen Vorgesetzten und Mitarbeitenden zur Optimierung von Führungsprozessen. Gemeinsam mit Herrn Rainer Deutschmann, unserem Live-Klienten in seiner Rolle als Leiter IT Services (330 MA) / GL-Mitglied eines bedeutenden Bankdienstleisters, erleben Sie den Führungsdialog live and in colour. Das Erfolgsrezept dieser Methode (in seinem Bereich konnte sie wirkungsvoll und nachhaltig eingeführt werden) erfahren Sie aber v.a. auch durch eigenes Experimentieren. Die abschliessende lösungsorientierte Reflexion erleichtert den Transfer zu Ihrem ganz konkreten Arbeitsalltag.
(The Solution Focused Leadership Dialogue is a conversation between principal and staff to enhance the leadership process. Join Mr Rainer Deutschmann, our live-client in his role as head of IT-Services / member of the executive committee of a major service provider for banks, to experience the leadership dialogue live and in colour. You will learn the approach's recipe for success (it was effectively implemented into his division) through practical exercises and a solution focused reflection connects it to your daily work.)

Andreas holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a post graduation in Industrial Training. His focus is on organizational development including leadership trainings and coaching of teams or individuals in the professional context.
Felix holds a masters degree in Business Administration and is involved in several SF projects. His focus is mainly on doing research in a solution focused way - therefore he founded Resourcfulsearch.

with Dr. Markus Gappmaier, Switzerland

Abstract: Solution/Action Mapping(TM), building on modular visualization, leads from joint goal definition via an evaluation of benefits and resources to an action plan. SAM enhances efficiency and effectiveness as well as quality of cooperative evaluation and planning and leads to a strong acceptance of the meeting results.

Biography: Markus Gappmaier has researched, taught, trained, coached, consulted, and practiced principles and methods of systemic, solution-oriented personal and organizational change since the late 1980-ies. His change methods have spread internationally; e.g., he certified 380 experts worldwide in holistic business process management.

with Aurelia Reinhart and Armin Sieber, Switzerland

Abstract: Tools that help us to encourage and reinforce the SF attitude in a fascinating yet demanding school environment, in our team and in the cooperation with parents and authorities.

Biography: Aurelia Reinhart and Armin Sieber are teachers at the Integrierte Tagesschule Winterthur, a small private non-profit school (grades 7 to 9) in Winterthur, Switzerland. Besides the SF, self-efficacy, competency focussed learning we put an extra weight on arts education.

with Alan Kay, Canada, working with a Marketing Team from Switzerland

Abstract: People interacting within organizations can get stuck if someone is adamant about an issue. How do you make progress and address everyone's needs? How do we pre-empt complications? 'GETTING UNSTUCK' and 'PRE-EMPTING PROBLEMS' uses SF tools to find things in common, think beyond the next action plan, make progress and speed up the process.

Biography: Ten years management consulting in corporate strategic and operational planning, brand strategy and change management issues. Formerly, senior executive in marketing communications industry. Works with some of Canada's largest organizations including the five major banks, Bell Canada, Bayer, FedEx and not-for-profit organizations.

Saturday 11:30-12:45

with Lina Skantze, Sweden

Abstract: What's so miraculous about the miracle question? I'm looking forward to welcoming you to a workshop, where we together will explore the role of the imaginative in Solution-Focused change. I will present a number of questions springing from my research, where recent theories of organizational change and imagination in learning and development illuminate the empirical data.
You may have asked the miracle question many times, or just red about it and marvelled over what effects it can have. Now there is an opportunity to reflect, to share your knowledge and to get inspired by others. What can be more developing? The great advantage of investigating the role of the imaginative and mental images in change is that their use may be better understood, and thereby made use of, when designing and undertaking organizational change processes. I hope you will join us in room Interlaken, and please share this information with your friends!

Biography: Former concert promoter and nightclub owner, consultant and seed financer. VP of HR and Marketing in a fiber optic startup until 2003. Achieved an international MBA at the Stockholm University School of Business in 2004, now doing a 3.5 year multi-cultural sociology program.

with Robert Bühler, Switzerland

Abstract: As a coachultant (combining coaching, consulting, and training in the world of management consulting) very often interviews are needed to prepare the ground for the next step in the coachulting work. This can be required to get the strategic guide lines while taking into account the view of many different relevant stakeholders. Sometimes it can be needed to get a quick overview of a current situation in a strategic project. Real life cases of conducted interviews as a coachultant and a generic approach for solution focused questionnaires are the content of this exciting workshop.

Biography: Running my own business as a Coachultant (Coaching, Consulting & Training) in various industries to leverage the value of the management consulting work with the solution focused coaching approach.

with Günter Lueger, Austria

Abstract: The use of hard facts in management like sales figures, turnover rates ... is very widespread in management. In this workshop, it will be demonstrated how the use and the presentation of hard facts make change in many cases more difficult. A solution-focused procedure of presenting and analysing hard facts will be presented.

Biography: Günter Lueger is Professor at the PEF-University of Management, Academic director of the program "Master in Coaching and Solution Management", Consultant in the field of change management and HRM, Development of Instruments like FMT (Fit-Management-Tools and Solution Focused Rating.

with Dr. Carin Mussmann, Schweiz

Abstract: Die Vorbereitung und Begleitung von Mitarbeitergesprächen ist eine zentrale Aufgabe im Führungs- oder Teamcoaching. Am Beispiel einer Life-Beratung mit einer Führungskraft (ca. 20 Mitarbeitende unterschiedlicher Berufsbereiche) werden Vorgehensweisen, Tools wie auch Grenzen der lösungsorientierten Gesprächsführung demonstriert. Zentral sind dabei die eingesetzten Instrumente, die sich auf unterschiedliche Gesprächssituationen mit Mitarbeitenden übertragen lassen. Ausgang der Beratung waren negative Rückmeldungen des Teams bezüglich des Arbeitsklimas und der Führung wie auch hohe Rückstände in der Bearbeitung. Wir nehmen im Workshop eine Standortbestimmung nach einer halbjährigen Arbeit vor und entwickeln einen Ausblick auf anstehende Themen in der Personalentwicklung.

Biography: Leitung eines Jugendzentrums, Lehre, Wissenschaft und Forschung an der ETH Zürich, Kursangebote, Dozentin in Führung und Beratung, Team- und Fürhrungskräftecoaching, systemisch-lösungsfokussierter Ansatz. Autorin: Lösungsorientiertes Führen und Beraten (2003). Zürich: KVZ

with Bert Garssen , Netherlands

Abstract: Stephen Covey wrote "The 7 habits of highly effective people".
Louis Cauffman wrote "Solution focussed management & coaching, simple works best"
In my coaching and training, I use both concepts together because in my opinion and experience they fit very well together and give more to the trainees and coachees. I will show and practice the value of both approaches together.

Biography: I'm 57 years young and since 1998 active in the field of solution focussed coaching and training. Educated by Louis Cauffman in the therapeutic and the management/coaching style (both mastercourses). Owner of my own practice for 20 years, with 7 colleagues.

Saturday 14:30-16:00

with Barry Winbolt, UK

Abstract: Workplace conflict is time-consuming, costly and can be permanently damaging. Attempts to resolve it by focusing on problems generally makes things worse. It produces heated emotions, defensiveness and the colourful language of insults and accusations. Disputes all start out small, but there is no limit to where they can end up and the harm they can cause. Disagreements between employees can sometimes seem to escalate all by themselves to a point where they cause real trouble. The costs can run in hundreds of lost man-hours and thousands of euros, not to mention harm to morale and motivation. Even the 'smaller' disputes tie up managers and resources; it is said that 80% of an HR department's time is spent on just 20% of employees.
Solution Focused mediation is a structured and respectful approach that provides benefits that go beyond the dispute; it can influence communications more widely, take the heat of discussions and move the disputants towards shared goals. This experiential session will provide delegates with the practical tools to set up and conduct SF mediation sessions using a four-step approach.

Biography: Barry Winbolt is Head of Clinical Practice, Training and Consultancy at PPC Worldwide, based in Oxford, UK and Director of the Institute for Social relations. For more than 20 years he has advised people in many cultures on how to improve their working environments, and provided training in conflict management, communication skills, solution-focused mediation, enhancing performance and improving working relationships. He is author of two books, a business consultant and a leading trainer in the field of workplace relationships. Over 80,000 professionals have attended his workshops and seminars in Europe.

THE SUBTLE KNIFE: The Solutions Focus, Philip Pullman and parallel worlds
with Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke, UK

Abstract: "The world of the happy man is different from that of the unhappy man." (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
In the award-winning trilogy His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman introduces a number of parallel worlds and the Subtle Knife as the means of moving between them. But these worlds are not far-flung and distant - they are all here, right here, interweaving and yet invisibly separated. In this workshop, we will examine this idea of multiple worlds and explore how language is used as a 'subtle knife' in Solutions Focus - in affective terms to move from the world of the unhappy to the world of the happy. Practical and thought-provoking. We will illustrate this idea with video from a live coaching session.

Biography: Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke are part of The Solutions Focus team, pioneering the uses of SF ideas and applications in organisations around the world. In the last year they have presented in Europe, America, Australia and SE Asia, and are behind SolutionsBooks, publishers of business-related SF writing. Mark is co-author (with Paul Z Jackson) of The Solutions Focus: The SIMPLE Way to Positive Change, now available in Chinese!

with Peter Ackroyd and Sara Marsden, UK

Abstract: The health and safety (h&s) world is very strongly problem-focussed, emphasising incident analysis: finding out what went wrong, how an organisation lost control and so deciding what to correct. This workshop will invite participants to help experiment with solutions focussed approaches to determine how they might be better used and promoted in improving h&s management.

Peter Ackroyd - In over 20 years working with people in the risk and safety management world, Peter progressed from technical expert to "facilitator of solutions", both as coach and consultant. He was introduced to solutions focussed thinking when working with Mark McKergow.
Sara Marsden - In over 12 years working as consultant, a government h&s inspector, as well as with trade union safety activists, Sara has used and experienced a broad range of approaches to facilitating improvements in risk management performance.


Ressourcenorientiertes, "minimalinvasives" Coaching in der Praxis (in German)
with Wolfgang Eberling and Dirk Heyer, Germany

Abstract: Wie packen wir dieses Vorhaben an? Wie können wir (mehrere Hundert) Beteiligte aktivieren und für unser Vorhaben begeistern? Diese Fragen trug ein Kunde im Zusammenhang mit der Umsetzung eines neuen Prozesses zum 'Sales and Operations Planning' an uns heran. Wie Ideen mit dem Kunden entwickelt, wie das gemeinsam entwickelte Design vom Kunden selbstständig umgesetzt wurde (Empowerment und Ressourcenaktievierung) und an welchen Punkten 'minimalinvasives Coaching' vorgenommen wurde, ist Gegenstand dieses Workshops.

Dr. Wolfgang Eberling, Geschäftsführer der NIC Consulting GmbH (Bremen, Berlin, Zürich) arbeitet seit über 20 Jahren mit dem lösungsorientierten Ansatz als Berater, Coach und Trainer.
Dirk Heyer, Senior Partner der NIC Consulting GmbH, verfügt über eine mehr als 15 jährige Führungs-Erfahrung im Top-Management verschiedener deutscher Unternehmungen (Personal-Chef und Personalvorstand) und hat viele Change-Prozesse geleitet.

with Hans-Peter Korn, Switzerland

Abstract: You beam yourself into the very far future and explore the ancient times and appreciate the success-tracks of the ancients. After flipping back to "today" you find solutions using these insights.
Try that... jump into SOL 2500, appreciate the success-track of all past SOL-centuries... and find ideas to improve the "SOL-world" now!

Biography: Dr. phil.; Director of SolutionStage; Studies in: Systemic Management, SF-Coaching, Psychodrama; Owner of; different line- and project management functions in industry and IT (financial and air transport services); now working as coach / consultant / lecturer (some universities in CH and A)

Sunday 09:00-10:15

with Monica Strickler-Maurer and Kati Hankovszky, Switzerland

Abstract: In this workshop you will be challenged to learn juggling with 3 balls. A great professional (Hans Fluri) will teach and some coaches will "helpfully disturb" you. We are curious on the reflection together, how coaching can be helpful while doing/learning.

Monica Strickler-Maurer: I'm a solution focused coach for teams and individuals. It is my greatest pleasure at work when learning happens and people realise their resources -- as in the project with apprentices, which was our practical field for the ideas of this workshop.
Kati Maurer-Hankovszky: In my work and life I'm a fan of working with fun and in a very constructionist and solution focused manner - I guess I have been looking for these ideas since kindergarten. Now I share them with others in coachings, trainings, and play-events, in business, and educational environment. See more on
Coaches: Marlise Willareth Heid, Stephanie von Bidder Szabó, Marc Krippendorf

The role of SF consultants working with systems: Is diagnosis necessarily a "no-no"?

with Doris Regele and Wolfgang Regele, Austria

Abstract: Based on our experience with business clients, we'd like to facilitate a workshop/group discussion about the role of diagnosis, meaning the consultant's balance of "not knowing" and "knowing" when working with organizations or larger systems. Recognizing that the term itself is linked to the medical model and therefore a "no-no" in the SF approach we want to explore a widened view and give the possibility to exchange different consulting experiences beyond being a SF coach or team facilitator.

Biography: Doris and Wolfgang are principals of Regele Consulting, a change management consulting firm based in Vienna, Austria, that focuses on three areas: sales & marketing, strategy & organization and image & communication. Both are trained by Insoo Kim Berg, Steve de Shazer and Mark McKergow, and are using the SF approach in their consulting practice.

with Yoram Galli , Israel

Abstract: Affirmation is an essential principle, stage and skill. The workshop is structured to provide the opportunity to experience many forms (colours) of affirmations, while giving attention toward the compliment's objective. The primary question for the workshop is: what do we compliment? Participants will experience different modes of providing and receiving compliments. Bring your fishing rod, we'll be fishing for compliments!

Biography: 26 years as a OD consultant, Yoram Galli is the managing director of CREATEAMS Ltd. Creating Powerful Teams and the founder of SfiO - the institute for Solutions Focus in Organizations. Former head of HRD in the School for Leadership Development. Today a management consultant coach & trainer of executives and teams.

with Evan George, UK

Abstract: Conflict in organisations, in teams or between colleagues drains energy and reduces creativity. A poor relationship with immediate line-manager is the most common reason for workers to want to leave their job. Conflict is costly! The practices underlying the building of cooperation in tough situations appear to be generic. This workshop will explore 4 pathways towards cooperation.

Biography: Evan George is a founding partner of BRIEF in London. BRIEF is Europe's largest provider of solution focused training and consultation. Evan is particularly interested in SF Coaching and SF Leadership as well as in Building cooperation and Conflict Resolution.

A SF look at power dynamics in relationships.
with Amy Carroll, Switzerland

Abstract: In this highly interactive, energizing workshop you will discover the Invisible Power Conversation(TM) and the behaviours we unknowingly use which sabotage relationships. Participants will identify the "secret combination" of resources they already possess, behaviours which communicate trust, confidence, respect, and one small step they can take to positively influence others by turning even the most negative relationships into powerful partnerships!

Biography: A Swiss based coach, trainer and speaker providing practical tools for positive change, Amy works with executives, managers and individuals to become more dynamic, confident communicators by coaching them to create powerful partnerships in their business and personal relationships. She does this with the help of the improvisational theatre philosophy, "Make your partner look good!"

LIVE demonstration track
In the LIVE room you will find real issues of actual live clients paired up with experienced practitioners. During each of the 5 workshop slots you can observe colleagues at work demonstrating their style, practice and tools illustrating effective solution-building with individuals, teams and organisations right before your eyes! There will be time for reflection and learning from what you have observed.

You are welcome to bring your questions, discoveries, and treasures to our open space session, and take home whatever is most useful for you. Do you have something to share? Do you want to do an exercise? Are you looking for feedback on some ideas? Do you like to fly like a butterfly from idea to idea? You do not have to prepare anything to participate in the open space session (though you might choose to). Everything can be created on the spot. If you have already experienced an open space, you know what we are talking about. If not, you have some fun to look forward to.
(Saturday 17:00-19:30)

In the evenings you'll enjoy fun and lively social events starting with the pre-conference gathering on Thursday at the hotel bar - perhaps you like to stay there a bit longer or prefer to relax in the attractive wellness area.
On a scale from 1'800 to 10'000 feet....The mountain Schilthorn, where the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
was shot, and a scenic conference dinner are waiting for you on Friday.
Like last year we shall providing our own entertainment at the "colourful evening" (known as SOL cabaret). Please feel free to join in with a sketch, a poem, a song, a recital, some music or whatever else, whether prepared or improvised. It is traditionally a very relaxed occasion, with all contributions much appreciated.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Ben Furman: Reteaming and Twin Star

Pre-Conference Workshop, May 18-19, 2005
May 18: 9.30am - 12.30pm / 2pm - 5.30pm
May 19: 9.00am - 12.30pm / 2pm - 5.30pm

A highly practical introduction to solution-focused work in organisations. Ben will facilitate easily transferable exercises and insights on how to reach goals trough the simple Reteaming process and how to promote constructive communication in organisations with the Twin Star concept.
(This workshop will be translated into German, information at

Post-Conference Workshop

Insoo Kim Berg: Coaching for Solutions

Post-Conference Workshop, May 23 -24, 2005
May 23: 9.30am - 12.30pm / 2pm - 5.30pm
May 24: 9.00am - 12.30pm / 2pm - 5.30pm
Round up your conference experience with two days on solution-focused coaching. Insoo will provide live-coaching-sessions, space to learn and practice coaching skills as well as new insights from her book on "Brief Coaching" (to be published in November 2005).
(This workshop will be translated into German, information at

Fee for the SOL 2005 Conference

Unlike the previous conferences, the Interlaken conference will be "all inclusive". The fee includes 2 nights bed and breakfast accommodation (Friday and Saturday) in a single room at the 5 star hotel and refreshments, lunch and dinner and evening activities on Friday and Saturday. (Extra beverage paid individually)
The discount for sharing a room is CHF 50.- / Euros 30.- per person. Extra nights (bed & breakfast) cost CHF 130.- / Euros 90.- for a single room and CHF 105.- / Euros 75.- per person for a double room. These special rates only apply for the nights 17-23 May. If you want to come earlier or stay longer a single room (bed & breakfast) is CHF 170.- / Euros 115.- (CHF 145.- / Euros 100.- per person for a double room).

Check the fees in your currency on this handy currency converter!

SOL 2005 Conference
CHF 1680.- / € 1120.-
Plus extra night single room Thursday-Friday incl. breakfast
CHF 130.- / € 90.-
Minus discount double room occ. 2 nights, Friday-Sunday
- CHF 50.- / - € 30.-
Minus discount double room occ. 1 night, Thursday-Friday
- CHF 25.- / - € 15.-

Fee for the Pre- and Post-Conference SOL 2005
2 day Pre-Conference Workshop (Ben Furman)
CHF 850.- / 560.-
2 day Post-Conference Workshop (Insoo Kim Berg)
CHF 850.- / 560.-

Workshop fees include lunch, and coffee breaks

Accomodation is not included. 1 night single room incl. breakfast
Minus discount double room occ.
CHF 130.- / 90.-
- CHF 25.- / - € 15.- per night


You can register by e-mail or post. In the event of difficulties, e-mail and we'll send you a registration form as an attachment.
You can e-mail the form to, mail it to Felix Hirschburger, SOL 2005, Badenerstrasse 138, 8004 Zurich Switzerland or fax to: +41 61 361 11 88.

Information regarding the journey from Zurich or Geneva airport to Interlaken Ost and vice versa:
to find the information you need. (For example the last direct connection from Zurich Airport to Interlaken Ost on Friday, 19 May 2005 is at 9.39pm. The first direct connection after the conference from Interlaken Ost to Zurich Airport on Sunday, 22 May 2005 is at 12.56am).
The quite long (around 2.5 hours) but wonderful journey is already part of the conference - Swiss SOL members will be waiting for you at the Zurich and Geneva airport!

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Jumpstart into Solution Focus

You want to learn more about "Solution Focus"?

You prefer a "step by step" introduction instead to start with reading some
voluminous books?

You would appreciate to have a complete "helicopter view" on SF after the first step…


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Making the most of

If you’ve just arrived at (the SOLWorld ning group), you may be looking at all the features and wondering where to start.  This note might be helpful…



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Open Space at SOLworld conferences

SOLworld Open Space instructions as it was used at the 2011 conference, by Mark McKergow


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SOLWorld Resources

Welcome to the SOLWorld Resources section.  This part of the site features information about the SOLWorld network, our past events and materials from our previous website.  It will take some time to update all the information, so thanks for your patience. 

Information in this part of the site is 'read-only'.  If you want to start discussions, please go to the Forum or Groups. …


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