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Dear Solutionists!

Many useful resources have emerged from this year's SOL2013 International Business Event in Bad Pyrmont and we wish to share them here on this site.  You will find the SOL talks, Workshop material, Marketplace tools, photos, videos and more.

Many many thanks to all of this year's contributors!

Your SOL2013 Organising Team,

Anton, Annie, Christoph, Penny and John.

A very special thank you to Hannes Couvreur and Erwin Herremans for the participant's Guide:

(If you would like a pdf copy of this year's programme, please contact Annie at (18MB)


Sponsored by SFCT

Kirsten Dierolf: Clues - What is quality in SF work?

Mark McKergow: SF practice as an example of the philosophical avant-garde of our age

Adam Turner: How SF creates the space for vulnerability and growth in the multicultural context of Asia

Prof. Dr. Olesch: Success Story – How we became one of the top employers in Germany

Paul Z Jackson: Changing the world – one conversation at a time

John Nicol: Managing Projects with SF

Armin Siedler: A journey from Frankfurt to Palo Alto ...- a school's transformational path…

Dominik Godat: Solution Focused Leadership – what works in practice?



Klaus Schenk shares his photos:

John Brooker's 2 amazing powerpoint overview of the event:


Our SOL Talks facilitator:  John Brooker!


Alan Kay's Kitchen Table: SOL2013KitchenTablePlenary.pdf

David Weber's workshop: SF Approaches to Teaching in Universities:SFApproachesUniversity.pdf

Bart Neels worskshop: AgingAtHome.pdf

Alan Kay's Post-Conference: SOL2013StakeholderWorkshop.pdf


Peter Röhrig: SFCTReviewProcess.pdf


Dominik Godat on SF Leadership:


Dear SOL Team,

Yes, SOL2013 was a just great!! Thank you for this experience. There are so many memorable experiences, that it's hard to highlight a single one. Here some of my favorites:

  • Annie Watson and Anton Holmes introducing, showing up from time to time
  • Camera lense workshop with Alex
  • All the talks and the sharing with people
  • the relaxed atmosphere and the nice venue
  • All the SOLtalks
  • Kitchen Table and Post conference with Alan Kay
  • The first SOL Sauna with other SOLutionists
  • A super SOL-cabaret and a superb disco
  • … (I could continue the list)

This is a cool idea and I really look forward to see all the resources and the memories!

Warm regards
Herzliche Grüsse
Godat Coaching GmbH


Hi all,

I really loved the Bad Pyrmont conference, thank you organizing team, SO SO
SO much!

Here are a few of my highlights (in the order of their appearance):

  • Nice hotel, friendly people, very service oriented
  • The events northern women were spectacularly organized and super friendly and made anything possible you could want
  • The conference bag hasn’t left my side since the conference: VERY good choice
  • Great design, layout handlability of the program guide, very good idea to tape an envelope in it!
  • Conference theme with Sherlock and Watson was so brilliantly
    played out, music choice just perfect (not too loud, you can hear it often without cringing etc.)
  • The room names with the little info tables in each room were a really nice touch!
  • The program itself was a perfect mix of different activities (listening, doing something, small groups, different formats) WOW!
  • Loved to see Alan Kay do a kitchen table!
  • There was a piano to rehearse the (in)famous SOL-singers!
  • Gala-diner was yummy and the Cabaret way fun
  • Where did you get the disco guy!!! Such a great idea to ask for songs beforehand – what fun!
  • SOL-talks are a very nice new format, I think! I learned a lot and it also made me put my thoughts together in a communicable way,so thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! For a great conference! Tough act to
follow, methinks J

Kind regards, liebe Grüße,
Kirsten Dierolf


Hi Annie

For me the highlights were the kindness of the participants and of course the waltz.



Thanks Sherlock!
You all did a great jobb with SOL2013!

Hope we can do the same in Stockholm with SOL2014!

Dan Nordlöf
NOVA Sweden


Hi team,
it took me several days to “land” again after this very inspiring conference. You did an excellent job!
I have a few good memories of the conference: the Kgotla workshop (Stan Cloete), the informal talks between and after workshops and SOL talks, the Cabaret (it was big fun!), the open and safe community feeling, new people I met, the party on Thursday, …
However, one moment stands out: our team coaching!
It gave us the energy and confidence to keep working as a team on our shared vision for the future and to be really resilient and persuasive.
And it worked!
We had a very good meeting last week with an important stock/stakeholder and a solution is emerging!
So thanks to Björn and all our supporters!
Warm regards!


Dear Team,

Best memory? The stories. I've come home with a huge collection of those. Wonderful gifts that have already inspired some other people back home.

Which reminds me of another story. One that began on a late afternoon in an Oxford College where a SOL conference had just taken place. The place went quiet again. And in the warm light of this late afternoon sun, a group of people got together, determined to make things happen. How? Nobody knew. Where? On a ship? Perhaps. But something magical was in that room. And I guess it was the generosity and the willingness to trust each other, that together, something would emerge. And in the end, it did. So my best memory will be this story. Of us, making it happen.

Lots of love,

As for best memories of SOL-Bad Pyrmont-2013, here are a couple of thoughts:
Each SOL Conference has its own signature in my experience and memory. For example, my first SOL conference (Cologne, 2008) was notable for being a breath of fresh air for me.  Here were all these people who thought about organizations and consulting in much the same way as I did. What a thrill just getting to know them, and the SOL community and its culture.
The Bad Pyrmont conference was memorable for me for several reasons. First was the outstanding organization of it all.  The organizing team produced impressive results in logistics and administration.  (And chose outstanding conference bags to issue to participants!)  Second, the SOL Talks programming was a wonderful idea.  I think that this should be a regular component of any future SOL conference.  The 12- to 15-minute focused presentations provided food for thought in a manner that was easy to digest and facilitated good, focused discussions with neighbors in surrounding seats. Third, the food was brilliant!  Finally, I personally found myself constructing professional relationships more intentionally than I have in previous SOL conferences.  Related to that, I got to know several people better than I had yet, because I went out of my way to get to know them.
David Weber



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