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Starting on 13.09.2008 with Kirsten's posting kin the SOLUTIONS-List "A voice for sf in organisations -- announcing sfct" a very engaged discussion emerged in this list.

From an "helicopter view" in my impression the postings from the persons not being engaged in the SFCT showed, that this "SFCT mission" seems not to be supported (text taken from Kirsten's posting):

>> ... we have observed a growing feeling that the community does need a voice and a focal point, supporting, promoting and
disseminating research and the exchange of knowledge, information and good practice in SF in organisations. At the same time, we have heard many expressions of a need to be able to say something about the quality of SF practice.
In response to this, we have set up the Association for the Quality Development of SF Consulting & Training (SFCT), a legal entity, registered in Germany...
As founding members of the SFCT, we have funded the start-up activities. ...
At present, these include marketing the SF approach, marketing members, and providing an information centre for research, case histories, book reviews, event listings - and certification.
We have taken the initiative in something which we hope will be useful to the community.

And in a posting from 17.09.2008 sent by Petra this questions stayed unanswered:

>> dear all, we are very interested in your views on the following:
- What are first good signs that the idea SFCT is going in a useful and reasonable direction?
- What are your best wishes for a good relationship between Sol communitiy and SFCT?
- And how could SFCT provide benefits for you and the sol community?

And in this sol.ning in the "SF Clues"-group (created 16.09.2008) no discussion started until now.

So, for me, it seems that this what SFCT wants to offer the SOL-community does not fit to the community.

If I experience in a coaching setting that a solution I am offering the client (which - maybe - is not in line with an "orthodox" understanding of SF...) is not accepted by the client, then I have to stop to try to convince the client again and again to accept my solution. In such a situation I stop offering this or other solutions and I start to do something very different. Maybe asking the client:
"Hm.... I see... ... ... ... Well: I am sure, you have good reasons to dislike this offering. So: What are for you some important criteria which a useful offer should fulfil?"

Of course, this is working in a situation, when the client came to me with a personal concern or request. And it is not working so fine if the client was sent to me by his superior or by an authority.

Transferring this to the SOL-community and SFCT I propose:

Stop making offers from SFCT to the SOL-community. It seems, that they don't work.

As the SOL-community let's think about, if we have a request or a concern in this sense:

a.) We need a voice and a focal point, supporting, promoting and disseminating research and the exchange of knowledge, information and good practice in SF in organisations which is working in a different way than the SOL-communtty until now.

b.) We need to have specific means to be able to say something about the quality of SF practice.

Now I am wondering, if this two questions will be answered.
If no: Well, then also this questions are not very helpful....


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