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I'm playing (sic!) with the idea that it's about enticing different ways of thinking and percieving by placing yourself in a different "environment" (the box). In this way, you activate the right side of your brain because that is where new experiences get processed. As you activate this part of yourself, creativity and imagination is generally stimulated!

I.e. the box experience can be described as interrupting your kognitive patterns to allow for new conceptions to emerge.

The same thing can happen for instance when you travel (with the SOL travel group for instance :-) BUT the difference is that you then get lots and lots of new impressions to process. In the box you actually cut away a lot of the bits of information that surrounds us in every day life, and there by you make place for happenings in your inner world to step into the lime light...

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Hi Hans-Peter,
Good to read from you!
I like like your dissociate-exercise. I will try it next time I have a chance!
Great! I send you a short description of this exercise "off list"!
hi hans-peter
it is exactly what in system dynamics approach is called "helicopter view"; the distance is important because must allow to exit from the environment (or the problem), in order to see it from a different point of view, but also to see clearly all the connections with the other systems, that can be impacted from any decision.
ciao riccardo
Hej Lina
I see similarities to John's Feldenkrais-exercises. The smaller the movement the more I can perceive the differences. Or in homoeopathic medicine: The more the active substance is diluted the more effective. In a world of globalisation and think-big and bigger I enjoy these opposite world of richness in the reduction and focusing. For me there is also an analogy to our work with the scale: reduce the difference from x to 10 by making very small steps - but continuously.
Regards, Andre
Hi Andre
Well, comparing "making steps smaller" with the ongoing dilution used in homoeopathy might be a risky metaphor: The effect of homoeopathy in the sense: "D12 is often much more effective than D6" might be more based on the belief (= placebo) than on physiology... whereas the "small step method" is well founded on the science of "complex adaptive systems".
And: applying "small steps" in non-complex situations will lead to inefficiency or to high danger: Crossing a crevasse with continuously small steps definitely is not possible, but doing it with a long jump works well.

So, "each case is different - don't apply generalised theories/methods to all cases"

in any case the placebo ... can be very effective and the nocebo very heavy on the physiology; think for example the "psychological reaction to medicinal drugs".
from the technical point of view some time the system (whatever) needs a drastic action.
ciao riccardo





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