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I'm playing (sic!) with the idea that it's about enticing different ways of thinking and percieving by placing yourself in a different "environment" (the box). In this way, you activate the right side of your brain because that is where new experiences get processed. As you activate this part of yourself, creativity and imagination is generally stimulated!

I.e. the box experience can be described as interrupting your kognitive patterns to allow for new conceptions to emerge.

The same thing can happen for instance when you travel (with the SOL travel group for instance :-) BUT the difference is that you then get lots and lots of new impressions to process. In the box you actually cut away a lot of the bits of information that surrounds us in every day life, and there by you make place for happenings in your inner world to step into the lime light...

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I was in the box, I didn't interrupt my cognitive pattern, I feel I've integrated the left and right side of my brain; I believe that the visioning ability must go through the use of both, and in the box, I really visioned my goal. I think that the strategic goals must be "viewed" from both emotional and rational aspects (probabily the emotional first, then validated by the rational one); the box helped me, effectively, in this "equilibrium".
In addition I find is really true what you say: the box help the focalization ... on the correct infos, cutting the noises (over-information), that, often, pollute/corrupt our decision process.
ciao riccardo
Thank you for sharing your experience! Yes, I think you are so right about the balance - the inbetween is where the really interesting stuff takes place (like in the interactional processes between different individuals ;-). What I believe is that we have an opportunity to allow our "right brain" to "catch-up" a little with the left side (which is often dominant in every day life) once we are inside the box. So they can both be heard simultainiously, while the outside impulses are a little muffled.
fine lina
this is a new "view" of our inbetween, an internal deep inbetween, that is the fundament, the ground of what we call "Auto-Centratura", our self-deep-equilibrium.
ciao riccardo
Hm... interesting! Tell me more about Auto-Centratura!
now I attache our 7 levels SF communication, where (as you suggested to me) the in-between can play, at every levels, a specific & focused roll.
ciao riccardo
Nice! Perhaps corporate can be "organizational", i.e. new and different ways of organizing individuals, groups and functions in a corporate setting? How we organize (viewed as an absolute frame or a continous process) is mirrored by the language and metaphors we use to describe an organizational pattern (ex. pyramid or matrix vs spiderweb or network).
The “AutoCentratura” is a work on ourself, focused to our deep re-alignment, toward the awareness of our distinctive abilities, through the sincronisation of our parts.

It is a connection to the center of our “to be”, knowing that it is the integration (an holistic view) of different elements, useful for us and in order to help other.

It is our way in feeling the events, from the outside of the events self (helicopter view), free from any excessive involvement, judgment and/or prejudice.

It is the conquest of the control of our power/energies/abilities; it is the perception of our talents, both emotional and rational one, finalized to support effectively our actions, our decision process.

When, on the plane, the hostess explains the use of the oxygen mask, she outlines the importance of getting it, (us) before to help other persons; this because only if we are “ok”, we can help effectively other, who needs our intervention.
ciao riccardo
Wow! Beautifully described! Thank you!
Brings my thoughts to Tich Nat Hanh, mindfulness and other sources of the art of "observing self". Did you read the book with that title by Arthur J Deikman?
no I didn't, I'll look asap for it.
ciao riccardo

It's a pity that I didn't attend your workshop (there was such a broad choice of very interesting workshops at the same time...)
What I read here reminds me on that what I am doing sometimes:
I ask the client to choose an object (e.g. a pillow or a book or a cup) representing the "problem". And then I ask the client to go in a distance of about 3 to 5 meters and to tell me how he could manage it to "live" with this problem until now. And to think about situations when it was a bit easier to manage it.
And more of such SF-questions.
I experienced, that this is helpful to "dissociate" from the problem.

Your "box" of course is a much more playful method! Thank you for sharing it!





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