Sharing and building Solution Focused practice in organisations

Hi folks,

I've noticed we have a lot of stuff to share but it was difficult to find an easy form how to do it. Perhaps Ning itself can provide us with clever solution... I've just discovered the "Niki" platform (a Wikipedia-like feature at Ning) and I really like its possibilities!

[If you are interested how does it work, please visit, then click the "Product Demos" button on the right sidebar and then scroll the page down to the "Niki" presentation. Enjoy exploration!]

I vote for taking a probe - maybe it would be difficult to manage the content (and some volunteering editors perhaps would be wanted as well), anyway I guess we have to try it first... I suppose it would enable sharing ideas in more organized form then discussions, forums and blogs can provide all together (however great these featueres seem to be).

What do you think? :)



P.S.: "Niki" is a paid feature but the price is very reasonable (and, as I hope, it will pay off in the future). Perhaps we could share fees within the Steering Group? At least, I am ready to participate. :)

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Hi Kamila, I think wiki-applications could be useful for the further development of SF. (By the way, I have the impression that wikipedia entries on SF are currently too much under the influence of too few people). But all in all yes, I do believe wiki is the future.
Thanks for your comment, Coert.
I think you have pointed out the problem of many specific topics mentioned at classic Wiki. From my point of view, above mentioned issue could be simply avoided using the "Niki", as it could be co-created by all members of SOL@Ning (ie. by the people who use SF approach on daily basis).
Moreover, we have the Karlstadt group, that strives to find connections and simmilarities crossing the borders of particular approaches. :)
Last but not least, I hope to attract more people to join the community - to discuss the basic concepts and leading ideas, to get inspired by "useful misunderstandings", and, hopefully, to get encouraged to try SF (or even the aspects of it) in their practice.
Yes, I would be very happy if this: "it could be co-created by all members" will happen.
In the moment my experience is a bit different.... As I wrote in my posting above (reply to Coert) I am a bit disapointed about missing co-contributions to
Yes, I propose to produce in wikipedia more SF-articles about SF outside therapy.
I proposed such an article in the German wikipedia, see:

I am a bit dissappointed about the fact, that only Werner Winker did some comments many months ago..... and therefor the article is still in a "draft" state...
Hi Kamila

Well spotted! The price is $140 which seems not all that much to me. Let's see who else is interested. Folks, if you'd like this feature please reply here with a quick yes or no. I am sure we can find the $$ from somewhere if there's a demand.

More details of the Ning Wiki-engine Niki at
Hi Mark, it is not necessery to pay for a wiki-engine... there are some available for FREE, e.g.:

And beeing linked quite good with the scrum- and agile- community I am sure I can find out more wiki-platforms which we can use without any charge!
Hi Kamila,
yes, you pointed on something what I also thought about... and I came to a different idea at the end:
There are already a lot of very specailzed wikis around.... and it is difficult for someone who want to find specific information to FIND the appropriate wiki...

The normal way (for me - and I suppose for many others also) to find "something" is,
1. to "google" for it
2. to have a look in wikipedia (English and German verison)

So, the chance to find a very specialized wiki e.g. for SF is only given, if it appears in the first few lines of a googlöe seach....

Try it ot: Enter "solution focus"in google.... Doing it myself al lot of good stuff is listed... and the wikipediy-article about SF-therapy is on the third line... but and is missing....
So: It not so easy to vreate a new webspace like a SF-wiki which will be shown by google on a ranking which is high enough...

So: Instead of creating a new wiki let's concentrate our energy to use wikipedia for our porpose also!
Hello, Hans-Peter,

Thanks for your comments and realistic point of view. I agree with you in some points - at least it is brilliant demonstration of "use of what's there (not concentrate on what's missing)" principle. :)

Of course I have considered the possibility of using any free platform, or to develop links in classical Wiki, and both seemed to me to be quite good ideas... Anyway, I decided to make a bit different proposal - to use paid solution, that is naturally integrated to the Ning site (that will enable to turn SOLworld at Ning to "single point of contact" - a place, where will be possible to find SF relevant information all-in-one).

The price for Niki is really small. It isn't problem to pay the fee myself, therefore my invitation for sharing fees should be better understood as a symbolic act (my presupposition was, if people have to pay for something, they would be more interested in future development of the project they have supported, even if only symbolic way).

Second presupposition that led me to make my proposal was my understanding the purpose of this site. For me, creating the SOLworld at Ning was something special that offered a unique way how to invite SF practitioners around the globe to share thier ideas at one place and in "real time".

As I had known, some people were interested to create their own "signposts" to interesting resources (book listings, articles, etc.), so it seemed to me only logical to rise a question, if somebody else is interested in creating the SF Body Of Knowledge

I guess it would be possible to create SF BOK at Ning, using Niki - to make it easy for SF public to contribute, and later link the content to classic Wiki.

At the moment, I just wonder if there is enough people willing to support such project. If so, the next step is to discuss the best way how to create "the SF BOK" and to choose the platform (if nobody would be interested in Niki), and to decide how to manage accessibility for searching engines (no matter on used platform).

[This question I've intently avoided, as I don't know the strategy of promotion of this site... You are right, it is difficult to reach good position for newly created sites, but I am sure in case of neccessity it would be possible to find reasonable way of SEO optimisation, no matter if paid of free.]
Hi Kamila,

let's emerge such a wiki about SF by:
==> doing it in small steps
==> using existing and well established and well known platforms

My proposal (again):

Let's enlarge / enhance this articles in by adding something about SF outside therapy:
Solution focused brief therapy
Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling

Let's add one (or more) articles about SF-work in organisations into

Let's do similar tasks for:

(I did it allready for Lösungsfokussierten Kurztherapie and I hope for more contributions for Lösungsfokussierte Arbeit im Management)

==> (I couldn't find a Tchech version)


==> ... and other languages....

So, how can we manage it, that there are some authors who are willing to do this for all those languages where wikipedia is available??

=== Let's make it as simple as necessary by using as far as possible existing well known environments ===
Now I have found it: is the Česky version of Wikipedia...
Hello, Hans-Peter,

Thank you for your inputs (and for the link to Czech version of "Wiki" as well - I allready have it saved in my "Favourites" for long time).
Could you please be more specific regarding the small steps of building the SF Wiki? What exactly do you mean by "something about SF outside the therapy"?
As regarding me, I'll appreciate to discuss the structure of procspective contributions in more detailed way. Perhaps we can follow the logic of main groups at SOL world at Ning?
To move our discussion one step higher - let's create a workgroup and invite more people to participate. :)
Hi Kamila,
with "very first steps" I mean this:

Together with Mark (as I know he already have some first experiences how to edit articles in the english version of wikipedia) you and others can change this articles:
Solution focused brief therapy
Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling in a way, that also the application of SF in organisations is mentioned in this articles in an appropriate way. And in addition to this a new article for "SF in organisations" can be created.

After this you can create an article about "SF in organisations" in the Česky version of Wikipedia.

And I - again - invite all German speaking persons to make contributions to Lösungsfokussierte Arbeit im Management in the German wikipedia.

Let's do this steps first and let's see how it works.

I myself am not a friend of discussing detailed structures of procspective contributions. I prefer to let emerge structures first and after that we can see better what structures we shall support.

Wikipedia (and IMHO all other wikis) are emergent, complex and self organising hyperdocs... predefining their structure would reduce the unique strength of this kind of hyperdocs.





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