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At 9:15pm on June 07, 2012, Irini Nikolaidou gave Dominik Godat a gift
Thank you all for "been there"! Hugs Irini
At 19:58 on August 22, 2010, Elta Boshard said…
Hi Dominik,
Thanks for you message. It came at the just the right time to remind me of bottomless wonders! I'm honoured and uplifted, Danke schön.
Liebe Grüsse,
At 14:00 on May 16, 2010, Julia Kalenberg said…
Hi Dominik,
wanted to thank you again for the wonderful and most interesting workshop in Bucharest. Yesterday I went to see an exhibition calles "nonstop" at Lenzburg. It's all about use and perception of time. It's really worth spending some hours there.

Best wishes, Julia
At 12:43 on May 13, 2010, Rita Klemmayer said…
Hi Dominik,thanks for the invitation.I acceot it with pleasure and hope to have some playful exchanges.All the best
At 19:29 on May 11, 2010, Stanus Cloete said…
Hi Dominik,
Thank you for your kind words. The sf community is an inspiring community and I would love to give something back. Yes, I traveled safely home and things are moving at a rapid pace in spreading the rumor. I had my first meeting in establishing a steering committe for Sol-SA 1 in 2011. There will be a next one on Friday. You are invited to come and look at the progress at
Looking forward to see you again.
Best wishes.
At 8:20 on May 11, 2010, Christine Kuch said…
Hi Dominik,
great to be your friend - let's continue playing and dancing.
At 22:41 on May 10, 2010, Marianne Geurts said…
Dear Dominik,
Thanks for being a SOL-friend and paths will cross again. At least in Budapest!

Ciao, ciao..
At 15:06 on May 10, 2010, Tuulikki Ulfves said…
(sorry if you get this twice). The best thing was me to learn that a burnout person is perhaps not capable to look so much forward but we can talk about the trip so far. Thank you for that !
At 14:07 on May 10, 2010, Colin Coombs said…
Hi Dominik
Great to be your friend and to share greaves and mamaliga!
Stay in touch.
Best wishes.
At 12:08 on May 10, 2010, Stanus Cloete said…
Hi Dominik,
It is a wonderful previledge to know you. Your workshop taught me a wonderful way of reinforcing learning in sf training. Thank you for your wonderful sharing.
Best wishes.
At 20:07 on March 6, 2010, Rodney Daut said…
Dominik, it's still happening. When I visited your site I was forwarded to another website. It took a few minutes for this to happen but it did happen. This does not happen when I visit any other websites so I know your site has been hacked. I'm visiting with the latest version of Firefox and I've also tried with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Tell your web host and webmaster about this and they'll be able to investigate further.

At 19:09 on March 5, 2010, Rodney Daut said…
As of 3/5/10 your site has been hacked and is forwarding people to some video website automatically. I hope you get this message right away so you can fix it.
At 12:16 on October 31, 2008, Marco Matera said…
Hi Dominik, welcome in my "miracle scaling" group
At 14:01 on June 27, 2008, Anton Stellamans said…
Hi Dominik,
Just added a link to your side on our website. Hope that's ok by you.
At 19:58 on May 24, 2008, karin buess said…
Hi Dominik¨
you too fall almost into the samfigther's whole...
thank you for your singn and hope to see you somewhere. I use your shortcoachingcards quite well . Remeber, I baught them in Brugge at the SOL- confferende... See you! Karin
At 21:24 on May 22, 2008, Bart van Loon said…
Hoi Dominik, I was thinking today about your thought that the selection of the question by the coach is an unwanted limitation to the solutions of the client and that the selection should rather be random or performed bij the client. Great insight! So, how is the marketing of the self-coaching going?
At 20:49 on May 18, 2008, Paolo Terni said…
Which reminded me to upload a more recent picture...
this one I took tonight...
At 16:50 on May 18, 2008, Dominik Godat said…
Ciao Paolo, great to see a picture of you :-)
At 15:34 on May 18, 2008, Paolo Terni said…
Good to see you here!




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