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Instead of creating a new "body" let's use existing well known environments like Wikipedia

Hi Kamila,

Yes, I fully support your intention to establish a "Body of Knowledge" containing different aspects of SF.
And at the same time I am aware, that there are already a lot of very specialised "bodies" around....
The whole Web is such a body.... already containing a lot of information about SF. And it is difficult for someone who wants to find specific information to FIND the appropriate "body" or document...

The normal way (for me - and I suppose for many others also) to find "something" is,
1. to "google" for it
2. to have a look in wikipedia (English and versions for other languages)

So, the chance to find a very specialized "body" e.g. for SF is given only, if it appears in the first few lines of a google seach....

Try it out: Enter "solution focus"in google.... Doing it myself al lot of good stuff is listed... and the wikipedia-article about SF-therapy is on the third line... but and is missing....

So: Instead of creating a new body let's concentrate our energy to use wikipedia for our propose also!

My proposal (again):

Together with Mark (as I know he already have some first experiences how to edit articles in the english version of wikipedia) you and others can change this articles in
=> Solution focused brief therapy
=> Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling
in a way, that also the application of SF in organisations is mentioned in this articles in an appropriate way

Then one (or more) articles about SF-work in organisations into can be added.

Let's do similar tasks for:

(I did it allready for Lösungsfokussierten Kurztherapie and I hope for more contributions for Lösungsfokussierte Arbeit im Management)

(Maybe you can create an article about "SF in organisations" in this Slovakian and Česky version of Wikipedia?)


==> ... and other languages....

So, how can we manage it, that there are some authors who are willing to do this for all those languages where wikipedia is available??

=== Let's make it as simple as necessary by using as far as possible existing well known environments like Wikipedia ===

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Hello Hans-Peter,

Thank you for the counter-proposal. I've checked your links to above mentioned articles, and here are my notes:
Concerning "Mastering the Art of SF counselling" - it seems to be a complex book, not only an article, therefore I suggest not to change its content, only to add some comments if appropriate. From my point of view it seems to be more useful to concentrate on editing of the "SFBT" article.
I enclose summaries of two books in Czech related to systemic and the SF approaches that I can recommend as an general introduction to this topic... Few months ago I've discussed with Mark possible translation of these books, but I was told it is not neccessary to do it, as both authors are quoting English-writting authors or referring to generally known ideas. Anyway, I can contact authors (or editors) and ask them for permission to translate and publish even the most important parts of these books.
If someone would be interested, I can share resources from my initial training in systemic approach (1997-2000) and/or recommend further reading related to its main topics (description of the structure of training is enclosed as well).

Cheers, Kamila

PS: To prospective readers of attachments - sorry for my English, both text are without proofreadings (that's why my notes sometimes were added).
Hi Kamila, in your posting I read:
"From my point of view it seems to be more useful to concentrate on editing of the "SFBT" article."
You are welcome to it! The basic and very simple mechanism of Wikipedia is: "If you think that an article should be changed - do it! And: If you write some words about your intention of your changes - add them to the "discussion" area of the article."

So, concerning the SFBT-article make the changes - without having a discussion here or in other places before... and comment your changes in the ==> discussion area of this article.
AND: Any change can be made undone using the ==> history of this article.
This simple to handle functionality of "discussion" and "history" makes IMHO Wikipedia to an outstanding useful platform!

One request to all who want to edit in Wikipedia:
Please create your personal account first and please follow the policies and guidelines!

Cheers, Hans-Peter





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