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"My name's Sue and I'm a SOL-oholic.... "

OK, I admit it... since last Friday I have been addicted to this SOLWorld Ning site! It's so exciting to watch it grow with new people, ideas, discussions and VISUALS! I just can't stop dropping by to see what's happening!

I know the list-serv is a great forum but this has pictures too!! Does it feel much more live and intimate to you too?

Maybe the novelty will wear off... well, I do have a fairly short attention span! And then I'll get a few more hours sleep in, feed the family, etc....

Excellent contributions, everyone!

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Yep, you are not alone, Sue... ;-)
I am affraid a new topic has appeared in my life - how to manage the "ning-life" balance. Any suggestions?
No, it was only a joke... Anyway, I decided to change some aspects of my work to create more space for SF, incl. following of important ning inputs, as I am convinced it will help me to improve my practice (and my English as well).
And, until the novelty of ning will wear off, perhaps using the RSS could help?
Cheers, Kamila
Hi Sue,
I share your thrill! I had the same feeling when I was introduced to facebook for the first time. This only lasted for a couple of weeks, however. The difference btw SOL-ning and facebook is that the Ning thing is focused on one (fascinating) theme and facebook is about nothing really. I like the fact that this Ning thing is personal, very accessible and that it encourages you to go and look for the information you want and to participate in the discussions that appeal to you.
I feel that the Ning thing has a lower threshold than the mailing list... it's easier to connect (nice sol theme btw) with people ... and therefore has a bit of the same ambiance as the sol-conferences.
I hope it will encourage more people to join in with SOL ... and come to the next SOL events.
This being said, please go and feed your family now before they Sue you!
Hi Sue,
dribbling in front of the screen as well... Its fun you're right and Anton has some wonderful explanations why this might be addictive.
So before your child starves, you might have to sit her in front of the PC and let her join the SF SF P group my daughters started and let her be fed by international connections..... They welcome any member who might be suffering too....
love and hugs
Thanks Anton and Stephanie. I agree with Anton's good points - Facebook interested me for about 4 minutes...
Rowanne's still only 9 and I'm not sure about the SF SF P group for her - I love the group and your original kids though! Her attention span is worse than mine...

Anyway, at present I have a remedy for Ningoholism... although it's not a good one or one I'd willingly choose. I have a 25 year old nephew who's critically ill in hospital with a head injury (it happened yesterday) and we're waiting for him to pull through. So I haven't been on the site much...

I'm also going offline for a few days so that should help... catch you back here sometime.
Much love
Dear Sue,
I am very sorry for that accident! I'm crossing my fingers for your nephiew to get better. It is difficult to support you through the web, anyway I'll think of you.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, whatewer news will be. If you prefer, you can send me mail anytime.
Thanks, Kamila
Hi Sue,
sending all my good vibes to your nephew. I hope he'll recover!! Thanks as well for your wonderful peace on not knowing.
hugs and love Stephanie
Dearest Sue,
I read this terrible news on your blog. Good that you shared this, it mustn't have been easy.
The only thing you can do now is just be with your family as much as you can, even if this doesn't mean physically, support one another to be strong, and keep hoping for the best possible outcome. I'm with you and with your family in my thoughts.
Thanks so much for all your support.
I've made a comment on my blog post which updates the situation...





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