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At 17:10 on October 19, 2009, Hans-Peter Korn said…
Yes, this video about the power of affirmation is interesting: It triggered me to think, how far this is in a way related to SF. And I think: It is not. It it showing INHO a kind of unspecific affirmations like "you are doing such a important job" "your suite dresses you very well". In contrast to this SF points on very specific benefits based on interactions between me and my partner and SF is not dealing with feelings or impressions. An SF e.g. might be: "Yesterday you worked half an hour more to finish the draft of the contract and mailed it to me, so I could prepare myself yesterday evening very good for the meeting today in the morning. This was really a great help for me - thank you!"
At 23:34 on June 12, 2009, David E. Weber said…
Hi, Shakya, we didn't meet in Texel, but in 2010 I plan to attend the conference in Bucharest (or wherever it will be held). Perhaps we can meet there. DW
At 17:04 on June 9, 2009, Bart Neels said…
Hi Shakya,

nice to have you back! the pleasure was all mine !
At 13:50 on September 25, 2008, Colin Coombs said…
Hi Shakya
Today is much better for me than tomorrow, or after you get back. Cheers.
At 13:07 on September 25, 2008, Shakya said…
Hi Colin,
yes, that'd be great. I'll try to give you a call today or tomorrow (then I'm away for a week). Thanks for persisting with me!
At 11:34 on September 25, 2008, Colin Coombs said…
Hi Shakya
I agree - Ivan's comment possible solutions have weaker signals were a real eye opener for me and (you too!) Weren't we going to have a chat on the phone? Should still do this (07906473610) or if you are in London give me a shout and we could meet for a coffee. Would be good to catch up and exchange ideas.
Hope all well.
At 14:48 on August 19, 2008, Colin Coombs said…
Hi Shakya
Sorry to have taken so long to respond to your post, I overlooked it. I'd be happy to chat about learning bites and our experiences with these. Why not call me on 0207 887 8024 or 07906 473610 sometime for a chat? Hope all well with you.
At 15:37 on June 23, 2008, Colin Coombs said…
Hi Shakya
Apologies for being so slow, your post got overlooked in the torrent of recent stuff! Happy to be your friend, hope things are going well.
All the best
At 21:16 on June 10, 2008, Nicola Buckingham said…
Hello Shakya, so enjoy the creativity of our phone coaching - great to meet you here! Warm wishes Niki
At 20:07 on June 6, 2008, Bruce Woodings said…
Hi, Shakya,
I enjoyed our session today and it seems that we are making progress! Let's get together soon.
Regards, Bruce
At 22:25 on June 3, 2008, Per Hedberg said…
Hi Shakya!
Good to see your smile again! I hope that everything is great and that we will meet soon again. Cheers Per..
At 6:09 on May 30, 2008, Dainius Baltrusaitis said…
Hello Shakya,

so how about plans to do something together in sales & negotiation?

At 9:57 on May 27, 2008, Katalin Hankovszky said…
Dear Shakya
and how's your SF negotiation doing since Budapest?
warm greetings, Kati
At 23:30 on May 26, 2008, Kamila Novakova said…
Hi, Shakya,
Nice to meet you here. How are you? Kamila




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