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Name for One-or-maybe-half-a-point-higher-on-the-scale?

I'm guiding some newbies through a bog-standard solutions focused process (to help determine their training needs for a course on time management). I realise that I have names for Platform, Future Perfect, Scale etc., but no word for the bit just before asking about actions, "what tiny signs would you notice if you were at n+1?" (or n+1/2).

Am I missing something? Any bright ideas?

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p.s. in case you're wondering why this might be a good thing: in my experience at least, its very easy to skip over this step, and part of that might be not having a name for it. When training coaches I often find myself asking them to move on to "small steps" and then having to insert a hasty "but before that......"
The ' First Tiny Signs' stage?

aka the FTS?

as distinct from the 'FP' stage?

or am I missing something?
As far as I know there is no name for this... ;-) It's a bit like a mini-FP in my view - as it's hypothetical, and couched in the same 'first tiny signs' terms. A 'next-step perfect'?

I agree that this is a very useful bit to include in many cases.





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